This proof of concept (POC) tool runs tests that allow providing specific guidance about networking connectivity improvements that can be made between a user location to Office 365. Please try the tests and give us your feedback about how we could improve the tool to support networking connectivity to Office 365.

Several factors influence the quality of your Office 365 experience, including your network egress architecture, your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and the network path used to connect into Office 365 service front doors. This tool tests these elements and provides recommendations to improve your Office 365 performance.

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Here are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

  • Is this tool released and supported by Microsoft?

    It is currently a proof of concept and we plan to provide updates regularly until we reach general availability release status with support from Microsoft. Please provide feedback to help us improve. We are planning to publish a more detailed Office 365 Network Onboarding guide as part of this tool which is customized for the organization by its test results.

  • What is Office 365 service front door?

    The Office 365 service front door is an entry point on Microsoft's global network where Office clients and services terminate their network connection. For an optimal network connection to Office 365, it is recommended that your network connection is terminated into the closest Office 365 front door in your city or metro.

    Note: Office 365 service front door has no direct relationship to the “Azure Front Door Service” product available in the Azure marketplace.

  • What is an optimal Office 365 service front door?

    An optimal Office 365 service front door is one that is closest to your network egress, generally in your city or metro area. Use the Office 365 network performance tool to determine location of your in-use Office 365 service front door and optimal service front door. If the tool determines your in-use front door is optimal, then you are optimally connecting into Microsoft's global network.

  • What is an internet egress location?

    The internet egress Location is the location where your network traffic exits your enterprise network and connects to the Internet. This is also identified as the location where you have a Network Address Translation (NAT) device and usually where you connect with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you see a long distance between your location and your internet egress Location, then this may identify a significant WAN backhaul.

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